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Manual & Automatic Umbrellas for Men and Women

Manual and Automatic Umbrellas in Stylish Range

Once overlooked as a necessity, umbrellas have now become a style statement. While umbrellas came in old styles, there’s a growing trend now to buy more imaginative and aesthetically appealing designs. Umbrellas are not just for your rainy-day woes, but also serve as a nice cover from the sun. 

Senz Umbrella - The Answer to All Your Rainy-Day Problems

We have got the perfect tool that will stay with you through the thick-and-thin of any rainy day. No more fighting with your umbrella on heavy rains. No more setting the umbrella only to lose bits and pieces of it every time you use it. While everything is getting smart across the world, it’s time for your very own umbrellas to get smarter. Bijoux introduces Senz Umbrellas that are smart enough to adjust itself in the most comfortable position when it is all windy, thus making it feather light to hold. The unique design of Senz Umbrellas is incredibly designed so that it doesn’t turn inside out even in 100 km/hr stormy winds.

Senz Umbrellas - A Stylish Appeal to Your Basic Necessity

Gone are the days of holding a heavy and basic black colored umbrella. Senz Umbrellas come in all sizes, shapes, and colors just to make it more comfortable and stylish while you carry it. At Bijoux, you get a wide range of sleek and sophisticated umbrellas that have eye-catching and feature-rich artistic designs.

Get A Mess-Free All-Weather Umbrella with Smart Finish

It’s time to go hassle free in those heavy rains by switching to an automatic umbrella that is extremely easy to open and close. These umbrellas are compact and can fit in your bag or backpack. However, you can always choose from a range of full-sized automatic or manual umbrellas that are cool and comfy to carry around.

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