Ring Size Guide


Supplying the right ring size is one of the interesting challenges for online jewellers like us. We’ve done the research and looked at the many ways of choosing the right ring size for your finger. These are our recommendations:

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♥ ♥ ♥ A Really Good Way

Find a ring of similar band width and ring shape in your own jewellery collection and measure the inside diameter of the ring.

Band width is important; a narrower ring may fit perfectly while a wider ring of the same diameter or ring size will feel too small. A professional jeweller can determine an accurate ring size using a set of steel sizing rings of the correct width. 
Sizing rings come in narrow and wide widths. Thin sizing rings are usually suitable if you are buying a ring with a band of 6 mm or thinner. Wide sizing rings are for rings with a band width of 7 mm or more. 
Please be aware the size of your fingers can change during the day due to temperature, humidity, water retention etc.

Ring shape is important; if it’s a simple round band then it’s easy to measure the inner diameter of the ring and work out the size. If the band tapers from a wide top to a narrower base (the part of the band that fits under your finger) then it’s harder as the hole your finger fits through will be an oval shape rather than a circle. 
For tapered rings its best to find a ring of a similar shape in your or a friend’s jewellery collection (or at a jewellery shop) that fits you and measure the two internal dimensions of the band - side to side and top to bottom. Email us the dimensions and we’ll check to see if we have one that matches.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The Very Best Way

The only sure way is to try the ring on – our worry free size exchange policy allows you to try the ring on at home and swap it if you need another size.
We will swap any ring of the wrong size purchased from for one of the right size, free of charge. Simply return the wrong sized ring to us in ‘as sold’ condition and with its packaging within 28 days of the order being shipped, let us know your preferred alternative size or whether you need it a bit (or a lot) smaller or larger and we’ll send it out to you free of charge.

If you’re not certain then contact us to discuss the alternatives.

♥ Not Such Good Ways!

Measuring the finger with pieces of paper, string, a plastic measuring strip or slipping the finger through a pre-cut measuring hole in a card or plastic sheet is less likely to be accurate as these materials are flexible and thin whereas a metal ring is usually rigid and wider.

Measurements made with a mandrel (a tapered ring measuring rod) can be inaccurate because the reading does not compensate for different band widths or ring shapes. Jewellers may also read a mandrel in different ways. For instance, one jeweller may take a reading from the bottom edge of the ring while others may prefer to estimate the size to compensate for band width and ring shape.

Other ring size tips

Try to find a ring that is just a little smaller than the second knuckle of the finger; the fit will be comfortable but it won't slide off your finger.

Rings that have heavy tops may want to spin around your finger so you'll need to choose a size that balances the need for getting it on and off and to lessen the spinning.

A wider band should be worn more loosely as it is more likely to grip the skin as it’s moved over your second knuckle. For bands that are wider than 10mm, you should consider getting it a half or full size larger (depending upon the width) as it will be more comfortable to wear and to get on and off.

Liquid soap is a safe lubricant for removing a tight ring. Just rub a little soap over your 
knuckle and the ring should slide off effortlessly.


Most silver and gold rings can be re-sized by a professional jeweller.

The following rings cannot usually be re-sized: 
• Rings made of stainless steel, titanium or plated base metal (costume jewellery).
• Rings set with stones with complicated or precise mountings.
• Some very wide rings.

Click here to view our international ring size conversion chart

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