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Sports Watches for Men & Women


At Bijoux, we offer a variety of both Men's and Women's sports watches that stand out for their unmatched style and quality. We have a variety of mid-range to high-end sports watches at a very reasonable price. We are more than capable to cater to a wide range of customers as we boast a plethora of collections.


The perfect Sports Watch tailored for you


For a sleek, sporty look composed of soft silicone to provide greater comfort check out the Ice Pierre Leclercq Light Blue Large Watch with its stylish light blue on the outside is perfectly set against a dark blue on the inside, to give you that modern, state-of-the-art look. Ice watches stand apart for their flexibility and water-resistant traits. A perfect watch, typically cut out for sports-wear and a must-have classic at Bijoux.


Sports Watches - An expression of art.


Wearing a sports watch is one of the best ways to add that edgy, outdoor appearance to your overall personal style. In many cases, it's the de facto barometer for active lifestyle wear and today, wearing a sports watch is a fashion statement in itself. A priceless accessory for the modern male. So, why not make the ultimate active fashion statement. Are you ready for the purchase?




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