Mens Bracelet Australia

For men of style and finesse, Bijoux have fashioned an eclectic range of Men’s Bracelets Australia wide, sourced from some of the most popular designers in the world. From ultra-modern bracelets that draw-out your playful charm to classic looks that compliment your masculinity, we have them all.


Exclusive Men’s Bracelets for Leather-lovers
Our love of leather, and passion for fashion, have resulted in the most stylish collection of men’s leather bracelets. For the rough and rugged look, check-out the raw styles of the Cudworth collection with its broad range of anchor bracelets, available in black, blue, and brown shades. The stylish rope design of the woven leather strap is secured with an antique-looking brushed steel anchor buckle. Cudworth's Black Leather Triple Strand Bracelet and Cudworth's Black Plaited Leather Bracelet are ideal for the strong silent guy who likes to keep it simple yet stylish. Both the Triple Strand and Plaited Leather bracelets have strong rope-like straps and antique, grayish stainless steel clasps making it ideal for almost all casual wear types.


Style Meets Spirituality

For peace-loving gents, Cudworth's Black Agate Beaded Steel Buddha Bracelet is a staple essential. The stylish matt finish of the black beads, the three shiny silver (stainless steel) separators, not to mention Buddha's tranquil appearance set in antique-looking stainless steel, make this piece a must-have expression of your inner-peace. Another striking piece by Cudworth is the Steel Beaded Men’s Bracelet. An ideal pick for everyday wear, this bracelet with glossy metal beads and simple interlocking clasps will certainly evoke feelings of cool calm.


Sporting the Most Stylish Men’s Bracelet

For those more dapper and debonair, take a  look at Cudworth's Stainless Steel Black Leather Men’s Bangle and Cudworth Stainless Steel and Leather Bracelet. With pure black leather strap rimmed by stainless steel frame, and a rectangular steel centrepiece, Cudworth men’s bracelets looks spectacularly suave. The all-leather thick strap of Cudworth Stainless Steel and Leather Bracelet also has an interesting, crisp centrepiece. Both the pieces are secured by stainless steel clasps.

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18 of 70 Items